About Us

Tamric Acres is a family farm on a quarter section near Arden, Manitoba.  We bought our first goats in 2000 and spent our first few years getting a feel for what we wanted in a goat.  Our first does were bought strictly as a means of keeping our pasture down when we had a ten acre hobby farm near Minnedosa.  With our love of milk and our love of goats, it didn't take long to come to the conclusion that we needed to focus on good milk lines.  We bought some Nubians and some Alpines but when our first LaMancha came along, quite by accident, it was love at first...handling.  I don't say love at first sight because it certainly takes some getting used to the unique look of LaManchas.  I now happen to think there's nothing cuter than a sweet little LaMancha baby but it did take some time to get used to.  My husband had a herd of purebred Nubians when he was young and the first time he saw a picture of a LaMancha said he'd never own one because they were the ugliest goats he'd ever seen.  We drove almost two hours to buy a doe in our quest for a good family milk goat that was worth milking but when we got there we really weren't impressed with the doe we were there to buy.  When we asked if there were any other does available, we were shown a LaMancha doe who had young triplets on her.  Her udder was nice, she was in good shape, her kids were very nice and we really wanted milk so we bought her.  If I could go back in time, I'd do anything to pay more money and get the papers on that doe but at the time, we were only looking for a milking doe and never dreamed we'd get into breeding registered goats.  We ended up loving that doe more than any goat we'd ever known but weren't fully convinced LaManchas were the way to go until I attended a goat show two years later and found other LaManchas had that same wonderful temperament.  We bought four does and a buck that year and that began our incredible journey into LaManchas.  In 2010 we drove to Missouri to buy two bucks from the amazing Forrest-Pride herd.  Sunray and Wild Adventure have done incredible things in our herd so we went back in 2012 and purchased three more bucks from Forrest-Pride as well as two bucks from Wisconsin, one Rain Tree and one Calico Fields.  I research the milk behind the pedigrees before buying to ensure our herd will have a solid foundation starting with milk.  We currently hand raise all doelings from birth and also test for cae and johne's.  I will test for caseous lymphadenitis if a buyer requests but since our herd has tested negative and we don't have lumps in our herd, nor have there ever been goats on this farm with lumps, we aren't going to continue testing yearly for cl at this time.  

Our 16 year old son has started his own herd called Awesome Acres.  His foundation doe is Tamric Acres Uldwyna who gave him a beautiful doe in 2012 (Awesome Zoe) sired by Forrest-Pride Missouri Sunray.  He also owns two does born in 2011 who are off the 2012 CGS West National Reserve Champion LaMancha, Tamric Acres Usoa and sired by Awesome Xpectations.  Awesome Xpectations is a buck off Uldwyna and Merrigold Ensign.  For more information on his herd, contact Matthew at goatguy52@gmail.com

For more info on our herd or to discuss goats please call Tammy at 204-368-2384 or email TamricAcres@gmail.com