We are now a proud distributor for 'Perfectly Raw', a high quality raw dog food blend that we feed all our dogs.
Dogs are a big part of our farm, and we currently have three who live within the goat herd to keep our goats safe from predators.
Without these dogs, we would not be able to keep goats.  They are valuable members of our team.  
We also have house dogs who are like family members and as such, we want to do everything we can to help them be as healthy as possible.
When we switched a senior citizen lgd to this food we saw an incredible difference in his health.  
This particular dog was getting quite arthritic, and we could see how stiff his hind end was getting.  His joints would lock up and he was slow to get up in the morning.  We felt going into that fall and seeing his health decline that this would be his last winter but after a few weeks on Perfectly Raw, he started getting up with ease and had no trouble walking.  He lived another two and a half years in good health and we were obviously sold on the health benefits of feeding a raw diet.  
Another added benefit of feeding a raw diet is the reduction in fecal matter and how fast it decomposes.  No more big mushy messes from feeding kibble!  
For more information on Perfectly Raw, call and talk to Rick (204-368-2384) or email rick.turner@freezerco.ca