Aimee, Wima's daughter



Senior Does

We do not have pictures of all our does at this time.  For more information on our does please contact us.

Tamric Acres MS Yaritza won Reserve Champion LaMancha

& BEST UDDER at the 2014 West National Dairy Goat Show.

Awesome Zoe (owned by Matthew) 

Tamric Acres TR Wilma 3 yrs old

 2012 CGS West National Grand Champion LaMancha


 Wilma is a powerful doe and we've retained the few daughters she gave us in our herd.



Tamric Acres Usoa  

2012 West National Reserve Champion



 Usoa has left a legacy of beautiful daughters and grandaughters in our herd.  

We love the temperament on this pair of sisters (Usoa and Wilma) and find it important to keep that in our herd.


Tamric Acres TR Wynna, 3 yrs old




Tamric Acres Uldwyna